A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

The second location Sydney chose for her Senior Portrait Session at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida was Disney's Riviera Resort.

{If you missed the images from the first location - Disney's Boardwalk - you can find those images HERE.}

Disney's Riviera Resort was inspired by Walt and Lillian Disney's travels throughout Europe and the Mediterranean coastline. It has grand archways, multiple water features, lush gardens and beautiful mosaic tile murals (featuring more than 1 million hand laid tiles!). It was the perfect backdrop for Sydney's second outfit (loosely inspired by Cinderella).

While the focus of her second outfit was the Riviera, Sydney had changed out of her first outfit at Disney's Yacht Club, so I couldn't resist snapping a few images there (featuring the famous Light House in the background)... so that is where our images begin!

Then we hopped on Disney's Skyliner to head over to the Riviera! The sun had just come up, so the ride was absolutely beautiful! (For those who have no idea what the Skyliner is, I have included the photo below!). It's a peaceful way to travel... as long as you aren't afraid of heights! ;-)

Without further ado, we'll leave you with just "a few" of our favorite images of Sydney in her second outfit. She is truly stunning and sweet and we wish her the very best in her Senior Year (and beyond!).