Gearing up for your senior pictures is an exciting time and we are here to help you stand out from the sea of boring backdrops and rigidly posed sports shots.

Many of our clients are high school athletes looking for ways to include the activities they are so passionate about as part of their portrait session. Sometimes this looks like dedicating half the session to their sports imagery, but more often than not our seniors are looking for a way to incorporate it into their session without sacrificing too much time or adding on an extra location.

Tips for highlighting your favorite activities in your senior pictures

  1. Let your photographer know before your session. By sharing what sports or activities you would like to feature ahead of time, we can help select locations and plan a session schedule that covers all the bases. For example, if you are a swimmer we can plan for our last location to be near a body of water so we can capture you in action without worrying about keeping your hair dry for your other portraits. 
  2. Pack your outfit and props. In addition to your sports equipment, you will typically want a pack a dedicated outfit for the sports portion of your session, however, this doesn’t need to be your school-issued uniform. Some of our clients like to include a portion of their uniform, such as a jersey, that they pair with jeans, running shorts, or whatever they feel comfortable in. Others prefer to go with their favorite athletic wear that pairs well with the location. The choice is yours—but we are always here to help you decide if you would like a little help.   
  3. Think beyond the court. Just because you want to highlight your favorite sport doesn’t mean we need to make a stop at the court, field, rink, or pool. If doing so is important to you we will plan that location into your shoot, otherwise, we love to find creative ways to make the most out of your selected locations so you can have the best of both worlds. 
  4. Get the memories in motion with video. We are excited to offer the opportunity for our seniors to add a video component to their session. We will capture footage during your portrait session to create a 60-second story-telling video that is perfect for sharing on social media or as a background at graduation parties. Athletics is all about movement, so what better way to share those memories than video! You can learn more about this on our senior portfolio page

We love working with our seniors to craft a portrait experience that allows what makes them unique to shine and celebrates their talents. Get inspired to celebrate your own talents with some of our past creative senior sports portraits below, then head over to our portfolio page to start booking your session if you would like to work with us. We are Minnesota-based high school senior portrait photographers, and we often travel for shoots as well. If you have a destination location in mind, contact us to discuss our existing travel schedules and opportunities to make your dream a reality.  

Time to get inspired 👇

Tennis—No Court Necessary

As past tennis players ourselves, we love to hit the court with our seniors to capture them in action. Thanks to the small size and limited amount of equipment needed, tennis is particularly easy to capture in a variety of locations. We loved being able to feature Tanner's passion for tennis without ever leaving downtown St. Cloud. The results fit in seamlessly with his other portraits and create a polished, editorial look.

Swimming Beyond the Pool

In the land of 10,000 lakes, there is no shortage of amazing locations where we can document your swimming skills. These locations are often sought after for portrait sessions anyway, making them the perfect dual-purpose stop. A few of our favorites from over the years include diving into Lake Superior along the Minnesota North Shore, laps across the granite quarry ponds in St. Cloud, and crashing Atlantic ocean waves off the coast of South Carolina during a destination session.

Football Fields from a Different Perspective

Many of our football players like to make a stop at their home field during their session, and we love to explore the full area to get you some different styles and perspectives. Let’s head into the stands, utilize the fence textures, and maybe even shimmy up the goal post like Mark.

Baseball & Softball—Both On and Off the Field

Simply bring along your glove with a ball, and we can turn almost any location into a stunning setting for your sports shots. We can also head to your how field—or maybe just a wide-open field—to get some shots of you in action.

Dance, Wrestling, Hockey, & More

Our seniors excel at a wide variety of activities, and it is a joy to find creative ways to tell each of their stories. And for all you multitalented athletes out there, another perk of exploring unexpected locations for your senior sports pictures is how easy it makes it to feature all your sports together.